Agentive Matters

SPACE TIME FORM, Single Channel Video, 2020, 11min 29sec, 3840 x 2160 UHD 4k

Space & time is a material that ebbs & flows, it is not fixed, but in flux, and in doing so, it resists representational images. We are all enmeshed within this material as if folds and enfolds our past into the present, a process that entangles space-time matter with meaning.

Exponential Growth, Single Channel Video, 2020, 13min 6sec, 3840 x 2160 UHD 4k

Collaboration with Andrew Deutsch

The exponential growth of the human race, capitalism, and climate change reveals a system on the brink of failure. The ongoing global epidemic COVID-19 has tipped those scales into the red, putting millions at risk. This crisis has made it clear that America needs to rethink its economic practices and nationalize health care. COVID-19 has become the glitch in our system that requires us to step back and question the frameworks we have in place. To consider new pathways for future political, social, and economic realities.


The glitch was created by creating a virtual network for streaming video out and back into the same system. The glitches occur by throttling the networks bitrate and creating a feedback loop by taking the in back to the out. These glitches are similar to slow internets effects on streaming services like Netflix. Streaming services claim they provide you with 4k HD video, and the pixels within that resolution are present; however, they downsample your images based on your connection speed. I cannot help but make correlations to the promises of capitalism and the bootstrapped picturesque life of exponential growth and prosperity.

Video Synth Architect: The Morphogenesis of Pixel Sorted Waves, Audio-Visual Performance, 2019-2020

15-20min, 3840 x 2160 UHD 4k

The video synth architect (VSA) uses the morphogenetic properties of pixel sorted waves to create new architectural forms. The VSA sees audio, video, and three-dimensional space as a signal. A signal to be modified and performed in real-time, with both analog and digital processes.


Video Synth Architect: The Morphogenesis of Pixel Sorted Waves, Artist Book, 2020, 184 PGS, preview on Issue

Machine Learning: Networked Ecologies IP, Single Channel Video, 10 min 13sec, 1920x1080 HD

The piece utilizes an Image Processor (IP) created by Dan Sandin designed between 1971 and 1974. Artists from this time learned to collaborate with the machines they built, providing a model for us to look back as automation and machine learning becomes more prevalent in our society. The network or patch programmable IP starts from nothing (grey). The performative acts of patching give the machine new information and connections that layer images of itself, together with a collection of shots from nature. The nature shots represent an ecology that both informs the machine and provides a structure to mimic. As the piece continues, the two ecologies become increasingly entangled. Work developed during my artist residency at the Institute for Electronic Arts at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in the Fall of 2018 and completed March 2019.

Phononic Matter, Three Channel Video, 2019

7min 59sec, 3840 x 2160 UHD 4k

In quantum mechanics, a phonon is a description of a vibrational motion in which a lattice of atoms or molecules uniformly oscillates at a single frequency. In a recent study, scientists have provided further evidence that phonons have tiny amounts of mass. In this piece, I use three Dave Jones Video Oscillators to generate visual patterns and the sonic material. The three same waves are used to generate an XY & Z of three-dimensional forms. 

XYZ, Audio-Visual Performance & Interactive Installation, 2018-2019

3840 x 2160 UHD 4k

XYZ is an audio-visual performance that focuses on the exploration of sonic material for real-time sculpture. The work utilizes three analog oscillators in tandem to generate the XY & Z dimensions of the sculpture. A series of knobs and hand sensor allows gestural navigation and sonic manipulation.