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I explore the ritualistic spaces of culture enacted through digital means. I create tools and images that work to reveal the subliminal effects of media on our world-view. I look to develop new ways of seeing beyond the seductive qualities of an image in order to discover new possibilities of understanding the system in which we live and participate.

It is important for my work to be performative. Meaning I create images in real-time, which allows me to open a dialogue with the instruments and systems I constructs. I listen to the image as it engages various processes and look for sites of emergence and utterance. Listening is specifically crucial to working with electronic media. A certain amount of intelligences are inherently present in a circuit (analog) or software (digital) that the artist is not responsible for.

I seek to actively break, hack, and process to explore beyond the seductive qualities of an image to understand the hidden codes driving representation in the 21st Century. Deconstructing the image proposes a way to humanize technology and mass media through revealing the unseen, and often ritualistic, towards new pedagogies of being with media. The work pursues pathways for linking our digital and non-digital existences.

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