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Ritual of the Rhizome, single channel, 2016

12min 12sec, 1920 x 1080 HD

The tree serves as a plethora of metaphors that underpin philosophical thought and knowledge, a symbol of logical progression that branches out but always retains a logical start and end. The ritual traces this idea throughout many philosophical texts while presenting the foundational trunk of a tree, weighted in the center of each shot. The sermon of structure is lost in a repetitious ritual, which deconstructs linear logic and the representational image for the rhizomatic. Work was captured during my Signal Culture residency in 2016 with a one of a kind color wobbulator.

The script was created by searching the keywords:

tree, root, trunk, and branch from the following texts

Heidegger on Being and Acting: From Principles to Anarchy

Reiner Schürmann


A Thousand Plateaus

Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze


Beyond the limits of thought

Graham Priest


Kant's Theory of Knowledge: An Analytical Introduction

Georges Dicker


The Laws of Thought

George Boole

The Archaeology of Knowledge

Michel Foucault

The structure of appearance

Nelson Goodman

Man against Mass Society

Gabriel Marcel


Introduction to Metaphysics

Martin Heidegger


Logic as a Human Instrument

Francis H. Parker, Henry B. Veatch


Question of Being

Martin Heidegger


Poetry Language Thought

Martin Heidegger


Heidegger's Technologies: Postphenomenological Perspectives

Don Ihde

Color Wobbulator created by Jason Bernagozzi

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