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Examples from Digital Drawing from two semesters

Visual Catalogs

Your next assignment is to create a visual catalog of cross-hatching & drawing experiments in Adobe Illustrator & plot on the paper provided. 10x13, sheets provided, need to fill 2 pages with 6 drawings each.

Read Syntax of Binary Images and reference Potrait.pdf



Project/Assignment Descriptions and Outcomes

Micro & Macro LINE & TONE

Your assignment is to create a drawing that ebb and flows between abstraction and representation. The connection to representation can be loose or strong referents, think of Julie Mehretu as loose and Ryoko Aoki as strong. Included in your digital submission should be 3 or more references. Look for references outside the art world, for example, birds in a flock (Links to an external site.).

The drawing needs to play with line and tone at the micro and macro level. You should fill a sheet of 22 x 30 speedball paper.  You should include elements of what you learned from your visual catalog in the drawing.

At least 25% of your material needs to be drawn in VR (MasterPieceVR) and converted to vectors via Rhino for plotting, other elements can be built-in Adobe Illustrator or drawn by hand. 

Rosalie Brennan Line Tone.jpg

Drawing with Sound

Your assignment over the next week is to create one sonic drawing that layers the analog oscillographic processes via the XY Plotters. You are free to explore any drawing medium you wish. The analog setup (oscillators, scope, and SLR) will be installed in the sound studio for you to capture images. Those captures will be turned into vectors via the Image trace workflows (in Adobe Illustrator) discussed in class.

EXTRA: The digital process will utilize the system provided in TouchDesigner (TD) > OscilliscopTD.6.toe. Out of TD you can save TIFF and FBX files. The TIFF file could be used with image trace and the FBX can be used in Rhino to produce 2-dimensional vectors. 

Please remember the max XY Plot area is 17x11, start the drawing arm at the top left. The plotters do not understand where its arm is in space and will break itself to accomplish a drawing that is outside of where it can reach. The pause button is the small silver button on the side of the machine. This can be used to stop the plotter from breaking itself and to pause to sharpen a pencil and then resume. 

Digital Specimens

Your assignment next assignment is to experiment with the digital tools at your disposal to find new forms that seem organic, animalistic, or alive. Create a specimen drawing that catalogs and details differences in shape, form, color, extra. Take a look below for inspiration. 

Your drawing should be 16x20 inches, uploaded as Adobe illustrator or Photoshop files. You may use any tool at your disposal, including TouchDesigner and cinema 4d.

Landscape, Ecology, & Biomimicry

Your assignment is to create a landscape and develop its ecology, what lives in the environment and how does it function? Given that it is a digital drawing what natural forms can you mimick? You can explore bringing in 3d Models, natural textures, and images to use as materials. Also, consider adding textual information, stats, maps, and other data into the work.

The drawing should be 24x30 inches at 300dpi.  You can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, TouchDesigner, and Cinema 4D (free education copies for personal use). You should also look at your public library for online access to

Experimental Gestures

Your next assignment is to watch and look through Drawing as a Performative Practice & Performance Art / Video Art. As well as read and comment on Drawing Indeterminacy.

"Thus, the process of creating is not the means of realizing a design: it is the process of design itself - to draw is to design. In this way, thinking in movement is understood not as the transcription of the pre-formed mental image, but instead "thinking is itself, by its nature, kinetic"


You then need to create 3-6 gestural videos that document a gesture. This could mean performance with the phone as it takes video, this could mean a dance, this could mean you create an apparatus(s) to insinuate gesture like Rebecca Horn, (Links to an external site.)or build an installation/drawing like Sarah Sze to perform in and or around, or use light to draw in your spaces like in the rental drawings of Andrew Walker or any other inventive ideas you can think of. The concern is that you're documenting a gesture. To submit work you could upload to YouTube and provide links or upload the files. 

Digital Drawing Performance & Exhibition

Your assignment is to create a 5-10min performance in groups of 3. Your performance can include but is not limited too TouchDesigner, VR, live audio-video, co-drawing with plotters, performative drawing, In your performance/group you will be responsible for creating an individual component of the performance. You will then combine the three and figure out how to transition or how they exist all in the same frame. Performative controls at the least should include the Novation Launch Control XL, you can utilize other sensors/camera vision into the performance. Conceptually I want you to carefully consider the video art performance and drawing work we looked at in class. Think about the relationships between the body, gesture, and line. Feel free to bring other conceptual referents in.

Your individual performance component should also be used to create a print (you can determine the size). Get creative with how it's put together. You are strongly encouraged to use both inkjet printers and the plotters.

All of this work will be included in a public exhibition, title 12 INPUTS: SOP TO - The Phong Song, December 9th Opening reception at 6 PM, performances starting at 6:30 PM. December 3rd during class we will install the drawings and the one video screen in the McGee Pavilion. Performances will be in the sound studio RM 205.

In all my classes I have reading assignments this is an example of that:

Read Future Fantasticals.pdf download pgs. 188-195 The Living Tableau by Pablo Gil Martinez & Speculative Morphology of Recurring Terrains by Ryota Matsumoto


Each discussion will be student lead, 5 points for each reading. The conversation will be graded via observation of the following:  Arrives fully prepared for discussion, plays an active role in discussions, actively supports engages and listens to peers, & comments advance the level and depth of the dialogue.

Collaboration with Design! Ceramics and Digital Drawing

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